Introducing SkillPath Links

Your main learning resources in easy reach

Remember when we promised to present fitting links for each SkillPath in the according overview?
They are here now! (Keep in mind, that those are shown to registered users only)

Lets get an overview of the entries and meanings for the TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor SkillPath.

Anatomy of a link

The first link entry is:
TYPO3 Documentation: Editors Tutorial

Link color

First, let us take a look at the icons color. Dark blue means it's a "Industry partner/Professional" link. It identifies the resource as something that comes directly from the brand partner aka inventor of the technology or was suggested by the industry fellow of a SkillPath.
The color codes are as following:
Industry/Professional Link - this link has been provided by the brand owner/inventor of the product
Educational Link - this link is provided by a public or private education facility (like a university or training center)
Community Link - this link has been provided by a community member/contributor, just like you!
Business Link - this link has been provided by an employer who works with the technology presented in the SkillPath on a regular basis

Link symbol

Second, let us take a look at the icons themselves:
Book - a written resource, meaning this could actually be a printed resource, or a link on the internet which is intended for reading
Audio - a resource intended for listening, like a podcast or audio-book
Video - an audio-visual resource intended for watching and listening to
Partner resource - links to offers provided by partners which are not available instantly (e.g.: require a registration or purchase). Those links can be of any type (book, audio, video) but share a common icon in order to enable easy identification for you.
We are rather picky about what we put up as partner links and do our very best to ensure that you'll always only see partner links which are directly related to what you are currently learning. Furthermore we will not have more than 2 partner links at any given SkillPath or Skill provided at any time.

That's about it for links - head over to the TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor SkillPath and check them out! You think you have a resource which belongs to a specific Skill or even in the SkillPath overview? Contact us at or on social media - we look forward to hearing from you!