Making the value of your learning resources visible

Thank you for your work - it is valuable

By pressing the Self-SkillUp Button you confirm that you possess a specific skill

Do you enjoy teaching others? Are you convinced that you are a great tutor? Would you like to know how many people you are really helping with your learning resources?

If you answered all three questions with “yes” we may have something for you.

When providing a helpful content on the internet you might not even get feedback from most of the learners. But wouldn’t it be nice to see if some people actually get a new skill with the help of your resource?

What if I tell you that this is possible? With integrating a Self-SkillUp button on your blogpost other users can automatically show what they’ve learned due to you . After they’ve read your informative content they can click on your embedded button and gets a SkillUp.

Your personal SkillUp button

As already been mentioned in an earlier article you can integrate Self-SkillUp buttons on your learning resource. That gives the visitors of your tutorial the opportunity to show what they can do - and not just that. It also confirms the value of your resource. You are able to create a personal Self-SkillUp button for use with any of your learning material for free. After you’ve embedded the fitting Self-SkillUp button with your learning material, users can click the button and are directed to the SKiLLDiSPLAY platform to claim their Self-SkillUp. With the help of a so called "campaign"  the Self-SkillUp of the user will be linked to you. So everyone can see how many people you have helped.

All you have to do is follow these three steps:

  1. Create a free SKiLLDiSPLAY user account
  2. Obtain 10 SkillUps which are not granted by yourself (e.g.: Educational, Employer or Industry SkillUps if you have an official certification)
    [Promotion: the number of required SkillUps is subject to change to 40 upon the release of new SkillPaths]
  3. Write us an email at with the subject "[Campaign] Account request" and your SKiLLDiSPLAY username (please make sure the account matches the one with which you are registered)

Tada! Once you will get the ability to create your campaign you can occupy your Self-SkillUp button with the received link.

Our plans for the future

  • Based on a ranking system - which will most probably include the factors how many people skilled with your help and how many users achieved professional certification afterwards among others - the top public resources will be displayed with every skill in the according "Links" section

  • The QuickLinks in the profile bar will include a link to your campaign overview, where you can see how many people skilled up with your help

  • We fancy the idea of cooperating with our professional partners to introduce rewards for people who support learning in their community

Level up and get new features!

Of course we want to thank all of you who share their learning resources with others through our platform. For that reason we’ve generated a level system. At the moment we have two levels which can be reached with Self-SkillUps (Level names are work in progress and subject to change):

  • Basic - If you are registered on our platform - Congratulations! You are on the basic level which means that you can perform Self-SkillUps, show the public what you can do, request SkillUps from education facilities, employers and professionals

  • Steel - As soon as you achieve 10 Non-Self-SkillUps, you achieve this level and are able to create Self-SkillUp Links for your personal learning material (see above)

Enrich yourself with the value of your learning resource and integrate Self-SkillUp buttons to level your account up.

Thank you for being a great mentor - Show what you can do!