News of the week

This is another short article about what's going on in the SkillDisplay project.

MainzificRim update

The MainzificRim adventure will be updated from 8 to 9. The purpose of the gamification is the learning of TCCE skills. It can be used for exam preparation, during lectures or for internal training. The new version will be publicly available from September.

Platform, T-Shirts and Workshops

A lot of stuff happened in the last time - here is a short overview!

In the last sprint, we were able to realise a new view for users that are not logged in.

SkillPoints are viewed in the menu and can see details by clicking on it.

Companies with an educator partnership are listed from now on.

Besides the platform, we designed T-shirts and business cards.

In addition, we held our first round of test workshops. Therefore, SkillDisplay as a Service is now ready to be used for companies.

Alongside the SkillDisplay GmbH founding, we decided to create a website which is currently under review.