Welcome, our international friends

In order to reflect our international area of work we changed the main URI to skilldisplay.eu

In the recent year we were able to find many new partners and friends with the SkillDisplay project.
Have you been to TYPO3camp Nantes? We did communicate with members of the organisation team (Rachel and Jonathan) in order to proceed with the first steps to offer SkillPaths in french!

With people involved from Germany, France and Romania, interesting talks with people from Greece and Spain it was time to change our home address.

Don't worry - all links to skilldisplay.at will remain valid - but you'll be directed to the according page on the new skilldisplay.eu domain.

You're not from the EU? You are of course welcome no less!
As entrypoints we provide:


Show what you can do! on skilldisplay.eu - and stay up to date with the latest news on our site or social media channels. (see links below)