Welcome to the preview phase

Have a look around - while we get fully operational

As you might have read in our news the SkillDisplay platform is undergoing some changes at the moment.
We try to create and improve a lot of features, partnering up with friends from all over Europe to create a strong use case and according documentation.

We don't want to shut out interested users during this process - but we do want to make them aware of the different planned phases:

Preview phase (now until Nov. 2018)

Registration is open and regular updates are schedules to be performed. You'll be able to learn about the ongoing changes when following our social media channels (on Facebook and Twitter) and news on the website.
Users are welcome to register and try out our features. We will try our best - but cannot guarantee - that all SkillUps and progress can be translated into the beta phase. After preview phase no new features will be added until the open beta was concluded.

Closed beta phase (Nov. 2018 - Dec. 2018)

We will have a 2 months exclusive beta testing phase for selected users, who will be invited to have their account translated to the closed beta phase. You'll have better chances to be able to participate if you have been active during the preview phase.

Open beta phase (Jan. 2019 - Mar. 2019)

After testing all features with our closed beta participants, we'll open the platform for Open Beta in Jan 2019.
If you have been a preview user and were not in the closed beta, we'll offer to migrate your account to the open beta phase at this time.
Also new users are welcome to the platform.

SkillDisplay 1.0 (Apr. 2019)

April 2019 will mark the first major release of the SkillDisplay platform with a full first feature set and according extras. (multiple SkillPaths, organization views, rewards, achievements, and much more).
We will be far from done however - as we will start working on a new feature set with the focus on "sharing and downloading" of your skills (curriculums, posting summaries to social media, etc.)

What can I do right now?

Feel free to register right now for our preview phase - and accompany us on our journey! Just bear in mind that the first part of the road can sport a bump here and there as we develop the platform. If you don't mind that: great! We are glad to have you on board and will provide a multitude of rewards for our preview users and partners!