Where did the Camp Stuttgart 2017 SkillPath go?

A path goes - your Skills stay

As you might know from Katharinas article SkillPaths are a suggested order of skills to complete to reach a certain goal.
Imagine you are planning a hiking trip and you want to visit 3 of 5 available inns on the way. The SkillPath is the route you'll take and defines which of these inns you are going to pay a visit on your way to the top.
Now consider the mountain are all Skills available on the SkillDisplay platform and their dependencies (we call it the "SkillTree").

TYPO3camp Stuttgart had its own SkillPath and did allow its attendees to verify a lot of skills on self, educational and practical level. Many people took the opportunity to show what they can do and get the TYPO3camp Stuttgart sigil for their own skill portfolio. (If you could not attend this year - you'll perhaps find this chance again in 2018)

Now that the camp has passed we did remove the SkillPath, but all of the obtained certifications remain intact of course.

For example:

  • You'll find "About a CMS" in the fully released TYPO3 Certified Editor SkillPath
  • You'll find everything related to Fluid templating in our soon to be released "Fluid templating basics" SkillPath

Therefore - SkillPaths might be timed based on live events, the Skills themselves are always here to stay.