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  • HTL3 Rennweg

    The highter technical education facility Rennweg, Vienna - located in the 3rd district offers studies for information technologies ("Network technologies" and "Internet and media technologies") as well as a department for mechatronics. ("Automation") finishing with matriculation. Moreover the facility offers professional schooling including internships over the course of 3.5 years.


    The facility provides 24 well equipped labs, a bright and light flooded aula as well as a modern library with a multimedia learning center. Sports grounds and 3 gymnastic halls which are situated in a historic riding hall guarantee that sportive requirements are met as well.


    During the class of 2015/2016 SkillDisplay was introduced as Closed Beta in 3 graduating classes. Over the course of this beta coaching as well as certification possibilities for Content Management Systems were provided. (based on TYPO3).