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    Since the founding in january 2003, focuses on services regarding TYPO3. Apart hosting for over 36.000 domains the company offers consulting, design, programming and support - strives to help customers being successful with their website.


    Being TYPO3 experts, the company gladly provides insights for customer projects - the motto being: "We share know how". supports the development of TYPO3 and is engaged in the community.

    Therefore the company is a trusted partners for their customers, suppliers and employees - now and in future times.

  is SkillDisplay partner since 2015 and supports the development of the platform. Moreover the company provides links to learning videos for various TYPO3 SkillPackages.

  • TYPO3 User Group Austria (TUGA)

    The TYPO3 User Group Austria is a meeting point for everyone interested in TYPO3 in Austria. Beginners, Experts - everyone dealing with the enterprise content management system TYPO3 is welcome.


    The TUGA is meeting on a regular schedule both in Vienna, as well as in Linz on the 1st Tuesday of a month.

    In addition extra meetings are scheduled in other locations. The usergroup strives to push forward TYPO3 and is always looking for new members - participating at the meetings is free of charge!


    Short talks, project overviews, news discussions, experts exchange - the TUGA has it, everyone can contribute!

    People who are interested in TYPO3 can join a meeting and ask their questions at their comfort.


    Since 2015 the TUGA held multiple workshops specifically tailored towards SkillDisplay users and offered Employer Certifications for participants of those events.

  • T3Rookies

    The TYPO3Rookies want to help students, apprentices and interns starting with TYPO3.

    Everyone interested in TYPO3 and currently in education is welcome.


    Due to the similar training in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (Application development, System integrations) the primary focus groups are people from these countries.


    Cooperating with SkillDisplay the T3Rookies offered Employer Certification during the SkillDisplay Kickoff-Event and offered learning material.