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Profit from certification accessibility

SkillDisplay breaks certifications down into Skills with dependencies and clearly defined learning goals and descriptions. A learner gets a grasp on what competences are required for the certification and a guideline to structure the learning process.
In addition, learners can tick learned Skills and track their progress. Therefore they’ll always be on top of what they have already done, what is due next and what lies ahead.

Cut preparation time

A structured learning process helps cutting the overall time needed to reach a goal. No time is wasted on getting an overview, on redundant repetition of topics, or on just making sure nothing has been missed. Changes and Updates in Skills since the last certificate version are clearly visible on SkillDisplay, allowing learners to focus on the actual changes in the respective technology.
Overall preparation time is reduced and freed for other tasks.

Improve success chances

Having an exact break down of Skills required for each certification allows for a more precise preparation. The self-verification feature gives the learner a good feeling on when they are really ready to take an exam. As additional layer of preparation you can let seniors grant Business Verification to skills of juniors with your company’s logo after an internal skill review. That way you can further increase your employees’ chance to successfully earn their certificates or empower other forms of enabling.

Custom skills for your company

Would you like to introduce skills in your company which are beyond what's available on the public platform?