TYPO3 East Europe 2018

Since 2013 the main goal of T3EE was to bring together TYPO3 developers, agencies and community members from all around Europe. And they did it.
In 2018 - like every year - the event will place in Cluj-Napoca, a city with a large and continually growing IT industry.

SkillDisplay will support the T3EE not only by aiding established stakeholders with skill management in the TYPO3 universe, but also hold key sessions for educators.

Guaranteed actions

Coffee round for educators
This invitation only session held during the event, is open for all educators from all educational facilities. SkillDisplay members and partners will share their experience, best practices and material about teaching CMS in lectures, tracking skills of students, benefiting from business partnerships and more.
Sign up for the Coffee round

TYPO3 skill managment talk
The SkillDisplay team will hold an introduction talk about skill management for yourself, in your company or educational facility.

SkillDisplay booth
Over the course of the T3EE a SkillDisplay booth will be open for all participants of T3EE, where you will be able to pick up information, ask questions or can obtain TYPO3 SkillTree posters (featuring all skills for TCCE, TCCI and TCCD).

Unlockable provision campaign actions

The actions mentioned below will be available if we can gather enough support in our provision campaign for T3EE.

Free on-premises SkillDisplay account verification
Verify your SkillDisplay account on premises to increase your user level and make yourself eligible for upcoming actions and goodies.

TCCE Exam Test-Questions
Are you ready for the TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor Exam? Test yourself at our booth. All correct answers will unlock educational verification of your skills on your SkillDisplay account with the T3EE logo. ("I participate in community events, and this is what I already know on my way to official certification")

Free partnerships for educational institutions
If enough people obtain educational verifications during T3EE, we will grant free educational partnerships for the participants of the Coffee round for educators (see above).
We call this "Legion Rewards" where the whole community works together in order to reach a goal.

Mainzific Rim Preview
Have you heard of our "Mainzific Rim" Adventure which will premiere at Mainz in 2018? You can get an exclusive sneak preview assigned to your account by supporting the provision campaign for T3EE.