Mainzific Rim - A SkillDisplay Adventure

TYPO3 University Day 2018 Student Days (Sep.24-26)

The plot

Assemble a crisis team and save Mainz from a terrible menace.

SKiLLDiSPLAY offers a story driven workshop that enables up to 5 teams of 3 students each to pool their abilities and master skill challenges by using the unique powers of the TYPO3 CMS. Step by step as the Skill Adventure progresses each team member will need to learn and use skills as a CMS Editor to deflect the menace’s attacks.

Coached and supported by a sponsor and backed by their eductional institution, school or university each team will use SKiLLDiSPLAY’s unique approach to structured learning to finally defeat the menace and finish the event with a TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor exam.

  • Collaborate, Communicate - Crisis team sponsors not only allow for the team members to participate in the Skill Adventure, but also send a representative as a coach for the students to get in touch with learners and educators. Learn how the missions work.
  • Unlock benefits for everyone - Each supported team will add Provision Points to the event, unlocking additional benefits for all sponsors and participants. Provision Points will also be awarded by providing teams with extra equipment. Learn more about our Provision Campaign.

Objective-based learning increases motivation by having a clear idea on what the challenge ahead is, and how to master it. SKiLLDiSPLAY embraces this approach and strives to be a tool for structured learning, breaking down qualifications into easy to grasp skills and visually reresented skill paths. Proven skills can be verified by one self, a business partners or educators, supporting both the acquisition and certification of competences. 

Choose your ambition, tackle the skills, and show what you can do!

Be part of the story

As these are the StudentDays - we invite learners between the age of 17 to 24 to participate in the event itself, to experience the adventure, acquire new skills and help unlocking partnerships for educational institutions. There will even be a chance to become a TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor via official exam.

For everyone not be able to attend or not in target age group do not despair. We will incorporate the SkillDisplay Adventure SD-A1: Mainzific Rim right into the platform. Furthermore you can secure yourself some bonus missions over the course of our provision campaign.


Team up with 2 friends and assemble a Crisis Team!

Discover new ways of educating

Get your hands on the whole Adventure and discover how to weave an Objective Based Learning plot with the help of SKiLLDiSPLAY skills, while still maintaining full control over the choice of learning material.
Pick from a ready to go set of skills, sanctioned by the certifiers education team and featuring links to suggested resources. Empower students not only to obtain - but to display their abilities and allow them to strengthen your self confidence, as well as contributing towards your institutes reputation.

Each crisis team is assembled from 3 students - possibly from your school or university. By backing them during the event and allowing the team to represent your institution you gain access to the complete Objective Based Learning workshop for the TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor as ready to use PDF.

In addition your institution may benefit from any further unlocked benefits from our provision campaign.


Dignify an already registered Crisis Team from your institution!

Get to know talents in your area

As experts you do not only want to show Corporate Social Responsibility but also keep an eye open for talent in your area. Why not have some fun during this process?
Send one of your experts to the University Day and hosted StudentDays to support a team of youngsters during their adventure and assess their abilities first hand. 
To provide optimal conditions for future partnerships we will try to match the teams geographically as close as possible.

You don't have a coach available? You can still support the teams and will receive the whole adventure for in-house use - check out our provision campaign for additional options and unlockable benefits.


Deploy a Crisis Team and take part in their adventure!

Join the event

  • Check out available options in our provision campaign
  • Discover how stakeholders will work together in our event overview (coming soon)
  • Take a first look at the adventure in the SD-A1: Mission #1 (coming soon)
  • Get a ticket for the University Day 2018 in Mainz (coming soon)