Recap: Mainzific Rim - A SkillDisplay Adventure

TYPO3 University Day 2018 Student Days (Sep.24-26)

The “MainzificRim” workshop

The MainzificRim adventure was part of the TYPO3 University Day 2018 (T3UD18) and took place in Mainz from the 24th to 26th of September. In the evening of the 24th September, the student teams taking part met the SkillDisplay team as well as the head of the TYPO3 GmbH, the leader of the TYPO3 Education Committee and their supporters at a get together event.

Three teams from Linz, Vienna and Mainz accepted the challenge to protect Mainz from dinosaurs and gain as much TYPO3 editor knowledge as possible by establishing the MainzificRim missions. The participants of Vienna and Linz attend technical high schools, the team from Mainz consists of history students. This also shows that you can learn TYPO3 editor skills with any kind of preknowledge! TYPO3 experts of F7 Media GmbH from Hamburg, comwrap from Frankfurt and TYPO3 User Group Austria (TUGA) helped the teams if any questions or problems appeared while the adventure. The TUGA Team consists of abaton, supseven, siwa, plan2net and Reelworx. Reelworx took the role as TUGA’s representative. Thank you to all of them for supporting the teams both financially and with their knowledge.

The four missions

To learn as much as possible in the short time, everyone got their own TYPO3 instance, which was hosted by The structure of the crisis management platform was available. The task of each student was to complete the website with content and settings that were given in the MainzificRim adventure. The adventure was divided up into four chapters containing several missions. The missions matched the TCCE SkillPath and therefore also the TCCE Syllabus.

  • The Tutorial
    The students learned about content management systems, TYPO3 and roles that are available in TYPO3. The frontend and backend, as well as secure passwords were also part of the first chapter.

  • The Real Crisis
    Backend structure, content elements and the rich text editor were necessary to warn people of Mainz. Also media formats and working with files was part of this chapter.

  • Prepare the Rescue
    The user group “TrustedNewsReporters” was created, so trusted reporters could submit vital information. The participants learned about extensions, especially the news extension.

  • The Secret Missions
    The most important information was translated into Japanese, so people who can not read English were able to find out about evacuation plans, too.


The students got the opportunity to reach a lot of SkillUps:

  • Self SkillUp, if the student thought he understood the skill.

  • Business SkillUp, if the experts who supported the teams thought the student had the skill.

  • Educational SkillUp, if the student got about 70% correct at a multiple choice test which was created for each chapter. The questions of the multiple choice test were created by the TYPO3 Education Committee and were the perfect preparement for the certificate that the students were able to obtain.

  • Certification SkillUp, if they passed the TCCE exam. At the end of the event, the students had the opportunity to take the TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor exam.

Some statistics

To show you what the students achieved:

  • 197 Self SkillUps were reached by the three teams.

  • 193 Business SkillUps were given to them by the business partners.

  • 135 Educational SkillUps were assigned to the students who reached about 70% in the educational test.

  • 81 Certification SkillUps were completed and three students achieved the TCCE exam.

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