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Mainzific Rim - A Gamification Approach

Shortly after some hushed comments between your instructor and a female official you hadn’t seen before, rumours started spreading: A saurus has been sighted near the city borders.
As in all documented cases of previous monster attacks, it appeared out of nowhere – only this time it wasn’t alone: – The second Saurus is right on top of the Crisis Management Service main facilities…

While having the opportunity to learn about TYPO3 (or any other topic) in an efficient and structured manner is boon in itself, our workshop approach can be taken one step further and applied in a more playful manner.

This is were gamification can step in. Wrapped in a story our workshop is elevated from learning about the editing tools of TYPO3 to a mission with a clear goal, a scoring system and individual quests for each skill. Mainzific Rim tells the story of a sudden dinosaur attack on the city of Mainz, and the participants are tasked to warn and inform the fleeing citizens by creating and editing content on their website.

SkillDisplay premiered it's Education Boost on location at the TYPO3 University Day 2018 in Mainz, hosted by Akademie der Wissenschaften und Literatur Mainz. Supported by business partners we invited 9 students with no prior TYPO3 experience to participate in our workshop and save Mainz from raging dinosaurs.

Start by reading the introduction, then choose your TYPO3 version:


Adventure Booklet 9 LTS  Resources 9 LTS



Adventure Booklet 8 LTS  Resources 8 LTS