Closed Beta information

We are in Closed Beta since 1st January 2019. Only users who joined Closed Beta are able to use their user account during and after that phase. Registration will be re-opened in Open Beta 2.

What's a Closed Beta Phase?

Closed Beta is the version of software that is only available to an exclusive group of users. A closed beta is used to install and test new features of the website. Bit by bit, new components are unlocked on SkillDisplay and improved by your feedback.

Plans for Closed Beta

Skill set

Skill sets are similar to the previously known SkillPaths. After long consideration we decided to rename it and change its appearance.

Skill sets for certifications like TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor stay as they are, but also smaller SkillSets -  for example to use for in a school class, a conference or internal training in a company - will exist in the future.

Best practice could be in a school class. The trainer teaches four skills in a lesson, afterwards, the students can verify the whole skill set on their owns and don't need to press a button for every single skill.

Download skill sets

With the skill set functionality, the possibility to download a skill set is possible. The generated PDF contains all skills including description, goals and links. This can be helpful for lectures or conferences. The teacher / speaker can stick to the central theme by going through the PDF.

Search bar

The search bar will help you finding skill sets, skills and rewards more easily.


The dashboard gives you an overview, what skills you have recently verified and which skills can be learned next. Also your rewards will be displayed in this section.


The SkillTree itself is not a new functionality, if you have met us on events, you might have seen some manually created SkillTrees. In the future, the SkillTree will be created automatically and can be seen on the platform. It includes skills and their dependencies to each other.

Colours / Logo

New colours and a new logo are waiting for you. As the shades of blue and green are hard to distinguish, there will be some new colours on the platform soon.


Rewards will be part of the dashboard and the search bar. Also this part will get a new design.


The TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor v8 will get an update to v9 during the course of Closed Beta.

Achievements during Closed Beta

Here you can find all the new functionality, you can already test and give us feedback on.

Login / Logout

There is now a login section - where you can sign in or sign out - in the navigation bar.

Give us feedback

As we are planning to redesign the platform, we would ask you to give us feedback. In the last paragraph you can find out about newly changed functionality and design.

Do you want to give us feedback? You are able to do so here.