Eight answers regarding the release of the TYPO3 Certified Editor LTS 8 SkillPath

The first sub-goal of the SkillDisplay Erasmus+ project has been reached together with the TYPO3 GmbH and the TYPO3 Education Committee. Here are eight questions you might have in regard to the release of this new SkillPath, which is based on the LTS 8 version of TYPO3.

How have these skills been identified and created?

In our attempt to aid our partner (TYPO3) with maintaining and improving certification quality we have suggested a certification workflow. Over the course of this workflow a workshop for analysing and adapting the SkillTree for the corresponding certificate has been held.
You can be assured, that the skills presented on our platform are sanctioned by the TYPO3 GmbH and the TYPO3 Education Committee alike. (We even had our own SkillPath certified – such things matter to us as you might have noticed). If you want to find out more about the workshops and the general certification workflow – follow our blog series on TYPO3.com.

Bonus question: Am I "TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor" after self-verifying all the skills in the new path?

No - there is only one exclusive way to become "TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor" - you take the official TYPO3 exam.
If you are - we will honor your skillset and display it on SkillDisplay. An automatic grant system to reflect your successful official exam on SkillDisplay is not yet available but one of our goals.

Nevertheless, there are important reasons for bringing light into the black void between non-certification and certification.
You can track your progress or see what others know about TYPO3 with the help of verifications: Self-Verification ("I know about this"), Educational-Verification ("I learned about this at a coaching"), Business-Verification ("I have done this at work for customers")

I already did learn everything for LTS 7 – why should I check out the LTS 8 version?

Because it specifically allows you to see where you stand in regard to the new TYPO3 LTS 8 version regarding your own Editor skills. If – for example – you had the whole LTS 7 SkillPath certified, you’ll recognize, that you now possess 51,85 % of the knowledge you’ll need for the current LTS 8 version.

What? I need to learn new skills?

It would be sad if you wouldn’t need to – it’s a new version and so it can be expected to have new features. 

Which skills am I missing?

If you already had your skills marked for LTS 7 it is very easy to identify which new skills were introduced (watch out for lock and play symbols).
You’ll see that our industry fellow Tom Novotny (Education Team Certified Editor Lead) and his partners in the workshop (Education Team members and Anja Leichsenring of the TYPO3 GmbH) did introduce some new skills and recommended some for revisiting. (13 in total)

What does “revisiting a skill” mean?

Revisiting means that a skill still sports a similar title (e.g.: “Working with translations” which replaces “Working with languages”) but has a strongly altered descriptions/goals.
Therefore the TYPO3 workforce for this certification has decided that these skills need to be re-obtained.

Did I lose my old skills and SkillUps?

No – we will always do our best to honour all SkillUps you performed. The according skill is put “dormant” however. That means that you can still display your skill if you choose so (and when we integrate the user dashboard, which is not done yet), and all rewards of which this skill was a part are still granted.

Whew, that sounds complicated – can you give me an example?

Gladly so. Imagine you were “TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor”, passed the exam at a time at which the questions were tailored for LTS 7 and did get the according “Certifier SkillUps” on SkillDisplay.
Therefore you did possess all relevant skills on a “certified” level and did gain the “TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor (LTS 7)” reward. [A reward is granted, when a certain set of skills has been verified (self, education, business) or certified (by a certifier)]
Now the “TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor (LTS 8)” SkillPath gets introduced. Some skills are put dormant – which means they are taken out of the tree and you cannot obtain new verifications/certifications for them. Nevertheless, you still possess them and your reward is therefore still valid.
So now you can not only show (yourself, dedicated people or the world, depending on your settings) that you are a TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor, but also that you are keeping up with the current version by verifying the new skills. (e.g.: by self-learning, attending TYPO3 camps, or using them in your company)

Sounds great – what are some use cases of what I can do now?

Are you a learner?
Jump right into the new SkillPath, check out what’s new and start obtaining your new LTS 8 skills. If you find that you possess a cool learning resource for a specific skill (like a blog article), contact us to find out how you can get listed inside the links section for the skill.

Are you an educator?
Check out the new SkillPath to find out which skills match topics that you coach. The description and goals are recommended by the TYPO3 Education Committee and TYPO3 GmbH – so you are sure to be on spot with what you are teaching. Want to verify peoples’ skills? Contact us to find out how your institutes or camps logo can be used to verify skills you coach during lessons or sessions. (We might even have a patronage available for you)

Are you a business representative?
Have an editor you want to get certified for the partner program or other reasons? Start setting internal learning goals. Either tell your employees of the existing learning path, or go a step further and verify skills in-house with your logo (e.g: when finishing a project the employee worked on). You can even create own rewards consisting of a set of skills you choose from. Contact us to find out more about available options.

No matter which stakeholder you are – let us know how you make the most of the new TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor (LTS 8) SkillPath and show what you can do!