From the classroom to Mallorca (English)

A SkillDisplay journey powered by TYPO3 Education - learn how TYPO3 sent two top-of-the-class students to attend T3Camp Mallorca for free!

When thinking about IT class in school, do you still have the image of students biding their time under the despotism of all-knowing teachers in your head? Impressionable and eager young souls, never seeing the light of industry reality that shines in your agency?

SkillDisplay is here to not only help them, but to support all of its users in displaying their existing skills and acquiring new ones in an approachable and motivating fashion.
The SkillDisplay Open Beta is starting this Fall and we are inviting you to join us!

Well, think again, as gladly these dark days have been behind us for quite some time now and the motivated educators of today are developing more and more strategies to react in timely fashion to the fast-paced environment that is IT.

So we reached out to those people who know best about industry standards: the brand owners who actually create and implement them.

TYPO3 did heed the call. The CMS, which "inspires people to share", stood true to its claim and assisted SkillDisplay in kickstarting an impressive use case in 2015.

So what does this post have to do with TYPO3 Camp Mallorca?

We'll lean back and let that story be told by two SkillDisplay closed beta participants, who graduated from school in mid-2016.

It has been a very successful first year for the cooperation between SkillDisplay and TYPO3 - and even though we can't send everyone to Mallorca for free, we are ready to help you display and enhance your TYPO3 skills.

Over the course of the next couple of months, we will add information and use case videos on how you can display your own skills and acquire new ones, as we'll not only introduce SkillPackages for the official TYPO3 Certificates like the TCCE and TCCI, but also for popular TYPO3 extensions such as "News".

So join a TYPO3 camp near you, get to know the community, improve your skills and have a great time like our two freshly certified TYPO3 Editors featured in the videos above!