How to Blog About TYPO3 Editor Skills

Are you a TYPO3 expert and additionally a blogger? Then the Mainzific Rim-package "Provide intel" is right for you! You can also join if you are still a TYPO3 Editor learner who wants to share his/her knowledge.

What you have to do

Support participants of the Mainzific Rim with your knowledge - the task is to write a blog post about at minimum one and at maximum three TYPO3 Editor skills. It's your choice about which you write and how you arrange it. (all provided resources are subject to feedback before being accepted)

Reasons Why You Should Write a Blog Entry About TYPO3 Editor Skills

  • It's good for SEO, we will link your blog post.
  • You can help people who are currently learning the TYPO3 Editor skills.
  • 15 provision points will be added to the Mainzific Rim campaign.
  • You might also learn something new - teaching is a good way of learning.
  • You will achieve all unlocked learner stretch goals (e.g.: Bonus missions for Skill Adventure SD-A1 assigned to your account)

    How You Achieve the Task - Step by Step

    Step 1: Choose Up to 3 Skills You Like to Write About

    There are 27 skills you can choose from to write your blog post. They are all available here: TCCE SkillPath.

    Step 2: Write the Blog Post

    In case you are a blogger-newbie, we wrote together some short tips for writing such a post.

    Find out who your audience is!

    In this case, it's very easy - the blog entry you are writing should address people of all age, who are new to TYPO3. They might not have previous knowledge. Think of how you started to learn the TYPO3 Editor skills.


    Here are two tools, you can check the written quality of your blog post.

    The Blablameter does show you, how many filler words you wrote.

    Grammarly helps you in writing grammatically correct sentences.


    It's important to not let your reader alone at the end of your blogpsot. Always help him to do the next step, for example, another blog post, which relates to the last one; or some social media links. In this case, the call to action is the Self-SkillUp button. How you can implement the button is explained in "Step 3".

    Step 3: Register Your Learning Resource

    First of all, you need to be a registered SkillDisplay User. If you are not registered, you are very welcome to register here.

    After you are registered, you can easily register your blog entry by using this form. All you have to do is following the instructions on the site - I will explain it here, anyways.

    1. You submit the form- You have to fill in your SkillDisplay username, the address, where your blog post can be read and the SkillDisplay link of the skill(s) you have chosen from the SkillPath. For example, if you write about the "Choosing a secure password"-skill, you should enter:
    2. We check the resource and according skills - You don't have to do anything here, the SkillDisplay team will check your post.
    3. We create a Self-SkillUp button you can integrate into your learning resource- you will get a link or if you like, we can also provide an SVG-frame. You can track how many people learned specific skills with your help, by using the Self-SkillUp button.
    4. We will list your learning resource - The blog post will be listed as a link with the appropriate skill. We will keep it there even after the event if it is among the favourite links of the community.

    Step 4: Start writing!

    Now you have all the information to write a proper blog post about one or more TYPO3 Editor skills. We can't wait to see your results! Click here to choose your skills.