Mainzific Rim – 12 Points to Go

It’s time for the next updates of MainzificRim. At the moment the challenges are prepared. The Provision Campaign already has an amount of 288 points. That means, that only 12 points are missing for unlocking the next Stretch Goal.

Preparation of the Challenges

The challenges include the further actions to be taken while the saurian attack. At the moment we are in the in-house test phase. The site package together with the adventure is checked for errors.

Be Prepared

The last unlocked stretch goal is called „Be prepared“.

The University Day participants are able to find out if they are ready for the TCCE (TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor) exam. A pre-test was created by our industry fellow for the TCCE - Tom Novotny - who is also the Education Committee co-lead. The test is available at the SkillDisplay booth.

12 More Points Needed for the 3-Star Membership for Business Partner

The next goal – which will be reached with 300 points – is called “Part of the unit”. It’s for all business partners and consists of the right to verify the skills of the TCCE SkillPath with the “Business SkillUp”. Furthermore, the MainzificRim Challenges will be available for in-house use.

Reaching More Points

The points can be reached by a variety of tasks.

Write a Blog Entry About TCCE Skills

You can write a blog entry, which explains one to three skills from the TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor. The blog post should help learners to understand a certain skill and to solve the challenges of the dinosaur attacks.

Become a Team or Supporter

Points can be reached with the registration of a team. We need especially teams from Hamburg. Of course, we are also happy about registrations of other regions.

Also, we need supporters. Mainly from Linz or Wels because we already got a team from the region.

Why You Should Support a Team

You will get to know young, motivated web developers, who will moreover have the TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor skills after the event. The community will grow by the newbies and who knows, there is the possibility that the participants want to deepen their knowledge and start to learn integrator or developer skills.

Support a crisis team - have a look at the dark green packages

Why You Should Assemble a Team

You, together with your team will get to know the content management system TYPO3. In the two-day-workshop, you will protect the Mainz. A big saurian will attack the city and you are part of the crisis team. That means: you will get Editor skills while you are working on a practical project. Each team has a supporter who is available if any questions appear and helps the team by mastering the challenges. You will then catch up with the TYPO3 community easily. By the way, the food is for free, who won’t say yes in this case? It’s important that the travel expenses are not included, because we want to see, that you take the event seriously!

Assemble a crisis team