Mainzific Rim Summary

The last weeks were eventful. We got two supporters - abaton and F7 Media GmbH. The Mainzific Rim Logo is done and at the moment we are working on the Mainzific Rim Missions.

What is Mainzific Rim?

In this passage I, will explain what the event is about.

Mainzific Rim - a hands-on way to learn the TYPO3 Editor skills - is part of the T3UD18 - TYPO3 University Days 2018. Up to 5 crisis teams, whos' participants are TYPO3 learners between 17 and 24 will get the mission to protect Mainz from a dinosaur, who is going to attack the town. The whole story should help the TYPO3 newbies to get TYPO3 Editor skills. Supporters, who have chosen the package "Deploy the Crisis Team" will help the youngsters achieve their mission. At the end the crisis-team-members get the possibility to get the TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor certificate for free. On the one hand side, the event is to learn TYPO3 in a hands-on way and on the other hand side, it's purpose is to bring together companies and students.

Supporter: F7 Media GmbH

F7 Media GmbH is addicted to the TYPO3 Community! The company which is based in Hamburg has been working with TYPO3 for many years and developed a lot of exciting projects, that's the reason why they help improve the system, continuously. Their employees are involved in the community and are working in the TYPO3 Education Committee. Also, the company is a member of the TYPO3 Association.

Now they have decided to support a crisis team at MainzificRim. So now it's your turn - we need three learners who are assembling a crisis team near Hamburg - read the next paragraph to get more information.

Wanted: Young Motivated Web Developers From Hamburg

We need a crisis team from Hamburg - here are 5 reasons why you should participate:

  • 2-day objective-based learning workshop
  • Lodging for the duration of the event
  • Ticket to the TYPO3 University Days 2018
  • Certification attempt for the TYPO3 Certified Editor
  • All unlocked learner stretch goals from the SkillDisplay platform

Note: travel costs are not included.

Assemble a Crisis Team!

If you are between 17 and 24 years old, have already some experience in Web Development, and have two colleagues who also want to join the Mainzific Rim, you are very welcome to assemble a crisis team. In the workshop you will learn the TYPO3 Editor skills while you protect Mainz from a dinosaur attack!

If you are part of the target group, you can assemble a crisis team here for free.

If you are not part of the target group, you might know someone who knows someone, who might be interested in learning TYPO3 basics. Maybe there are some students of your aunts' university class? Please inform them about the event and send them the link above.

Supporter: abaton

Abaton supports the crisis teams with the "Stay sharp" package. The package added 25 provision points to the MainzifiRim Campaign! With the help of the package, all teams will get equipped with coffee mugs. Also the participants will get hot beverages for a day!

Now you might want to know, who abaton is?

Abaton is based in Graz and Vienna, both cities are in Austria. They offer everything you need for your website or your webshop:

  • concept and project management
  • establishment and IT-development
  • integration and training
  • hosting and support
  • system operation and technical assistance

Mainzific Rim Logo and the Mission

Here it is, the official MainzificRim logo!

Now the story about the dangerous dinosaur has to be finalised. If you want to see the mission preview, click here.

Silence Before the Storm - Planning the First Evening

Real heroes can't work with an empty stomach so we are evaluating where to go in the evening before the dinosaur will attack Mainz.

The three options are:

  • "Heilig Geist"
  • "Weinhaus Wilhelmi"
  • "Hof Ehrenfeld"

You can find the decision in our next blog post!


Don't forget to assemble a crisis team or send the link to potential participants.

We are also looking for supporters and crisis teams outside Hamburg. Especially we need supporters from Linz, Mainz and Munich!

We are looking forward to seeing you at T3UD18 in Mainz!