News for Closed Beta

New Week, new information for Closed Beta. The platform will get a UX redesign!

Closed Beta starts with the beginning of the new year. All user accounts will be deletet, but you can keep your account, if you log in before 1st January 2019. In this case you'll become part of the Closed Beta; you will be able to use the platform during that time and you account will also exist in Open Beta 2, the phase after Closed Beta. In the second quarter of 2019 everyone who was part of Closed Beta can use their account without any limitations again. Everyone else would need to create a new account and begin from zero, so log in now, to be part of Closed Beta!

During Closed Beta, we will change amongst others the UX design, so SkillDisplay becomes easier to use. Read on to get more information.

New colours

You can look forward to new colours on the platform. Learners, Educators, Business Persons and Certifier get colours that are more capable of being differentiated. SkillUp buttons, that are currently available in shades of blue and green, will get beside another colour also another shape. Due to these changes, also the SkillDisplay logo will get a new appearance.

UX Redesign

Thanks to feedback of some SkillDisplay user, we know the strengths and weaknesses of the platform. We decided to create a new user interface design. First mockups are already created. A dashboard will be available for every user, so the most important functionality is conjoined in one place. The platform also gets a search function, so rewards, skills, SkillPaths and verifications can be found easily.

Ready for Closed Beta? Log in here.