Open Beta in T-7

Next week open beta 2 starts and therefore the registration will be available again to everyone. Read on to get more information about newness of the platform.

New Colours

We got a new logo as you might have already seen on our social media channels. Every pyramid represents a specific kind of user on the SkillDisplay platform. Therefore the four groups are:

  • Learners (green)
  • Educators (blue)
  • Business Persons (yellow)
  • Certifiers (red)

 Beside the logo, the verification and certification buttons changed to the associated colour.


After you have logged in (or registered if you aren't a user yet) you have access to This page represents the learners' dashboard. Currently, an overview about recently verified skills are displayed according to the typ of verification or certification the learner used.


Alongside my.SkillDisplay, SkillSets are now available for registered users. SkillSets are groups of skills, that come along with an objective. Therefore, SkillSets for the TYPO3 certificates TCCE, TCCI and TCCD are available. Additionaly, there are SkillSets for MainzificRim available. Their purpose is to prepare for the TCCE exam with the help of gamification. Also, SkillSets, that describe SkillDisplay are part of the platform.

TCCE v9 LTS SkillSet

During closed beta, the SkillSet for TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor has been updated to version 9 and can already be verified by closed beta users. If you are not a closed beta tester, you need to be patient for another week. Nevertheless, you can already look through it here. As version 8 and version 9 are currently both available, you can compare them and figure out how much effort you need to put into learning, to be up-to-date.

Visual Skill Editor

The purpose of the visual skill editor is to create skills and define their dependencies while having an overview of the already created SkillTree. This functionality is available to partners of SkillDisplay, who are creating SkillSets for the platform. The following picture shows the SkillTree of SkillDisplay basics, which can be accessed here.