TYPO3 Camp Vienna and TCCD (Newsticker)

Weekly news about TYPO3 Camp Vienna, TCCD and our current plans for the platform.

Platform plans for the next week

  • Profile pictures

Users should be able to change their profile pictures.

  • Certificates

Users can access their TYPO3 certificates at SkillSet overview.

  • Verifier view

Verifiers get their own overview.

TYPO3 Camp Vienna

SkillDisplay was the educational partner of T3CVIE, where we held sessions, presented the platform at our booth and gave advice regarding skill management.

4 SkillSets were created due to the camp and are available here.

The topics of our two sessions were:

  • 21% - The skills you should check out for TCCE 9 LTS

  • Dinosaurs Attack! Bring your juniors up to speed with TYPO3 gamification.

TYPO3 CMS Certified Developer (TCCD)

The SkillTree and adequate SkillSet for TCCD are under progress.