We are part of the Erasmus+ programme! - Part 1: Erasmus+

Some months ago, we applied for the Erasmus+ programme and we made it into the programme!

Some months ago, we applied for the Erasmus+ programme and we made it into the programme! Together with our partners we now have a lot of work to do in the following three years. We want to improve the usability of the platform and have many other plans like creating material for teachers and trainers, so they can integrate SkillPaths easily into their courses.

What is Erasmus+?

It’s time to introduce the programme. Erasmus+ is the European Union's programme which supports activities in the education-, training-, youth- and sport field.

The programme offers opportunities for both, individuals and organisations:

  • They give individuals the opportunity to spend a period abroad and to receive linguistic education.
  • Organisations are supported to collaborate in project partnerships in the sectors of academic and vocational training, schools, adult learning and European sport events.

As we are an organisation, we want to introduce the actions of this section. The programme for organisations is divided up into 3 Key Actions and 2 additional actions.

Key Action 1 – Learning mobility of individuals

This Key Action supports organisations, who want to send or receive students and staff to or from participating countries. Organisations who line up activities which focus on teaching, training, learning or volunteering also belong to this action.

Key Action 2 – Cooperation for innovation and good practices

Key Action 2 is created to develop the education, training, and youth sectors, these are the five main activities:

  1. Strategic partnerships
  2. Knowledge Alliances
  3. Sector Skills Alliances
  4. Capacity-building projects in the field of higher education
  5. Capacity-building projects in the field of youth

Key Action 3 – Support for policy reform

Key Action 3 focuses on young people in democratic life; both, discussions with policy makers, as well as developing knowledge in the sections: education, training, and youth.

Jean Monnet

This action gives opportunities for teaching, research, and policy debate on the EU and its policies.


The action for sports promotes sport and physical activity, identify and implement innovative activities in the field of sport, and manage not-for-profit events to increase participation in sport.

You can get more information about the programme here for individuals and here for organisations.

We applied for Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and good practices. We are very thankful because the whole programme opens up a variety of opportunities. In addition to the programme, we became partners with educational institutions and companies around Europe. Find out more about our partners in our next blogpost in two weeks!