We are part of the Erasmus+ programme! - Part 3: Next steps

Get more information about our next steps within the Erasmus+ programme by reading on!

Before we explain what we are going to do next it might be reasonable to explain what this platform is about – in case you don’t already know. To put it in a nutshell, SkillDisplay is a platform where you can reach skills and approve them by several natural persons and legal entities. Whether it is yourself, an educational institution, a business person or an official certificate. To learn step by step and get a feeling of progress we created a concept called “SkillPath” -  in cooperation with experts we create small pieces called skills and put them into a sequence. Every single skill has suggested learning material.

Our plan for the next three years


The user interface will be redesigned for the best user experience. Additionally, the technological basis is created to make the platform cloud-ready and thereby gain the possibility to have a scalable base system.

Desk Review

In order to identify the needs of each group, we aim at creating a desk review of the research and intelligence already available from various educational institutions in Europe. This knowledge/research is fundamental, not only for SkillDisplay, but also the education sector and the industry in general.

Educational Contents

The contents will be published online as SkillTrees and will be reviewed and updated twice within the project’s lifespan, in accordance with advice from an ICT industry member.

Education Booster

We have established close ties to education professionals at the secondary school and university level. Over the years, while assessing the needs of learners and educators, it has been discovered that educators long for better material, documents, tools and resources when teaching ICT related subjects in class.

The association over SkillDisplay aims to pool the experience and expertise of the consortium to create specifically engineered learning modules for use by teachers. These are being developed in close cooperation with employers and industry representatives and will be available on the platform.

Monitoring and Evaluation of users and stakeholders

In order to further evaluate the platform and increase its use for the whole SkillDisplay community (learners, business persons, educators and certifiers), we want to gather feedback, evaluate it accordingly and take it into consideration in order to improve the platform for everybody.

In two weeks you can move on to the last part: Benefits for learners, business persons, educators and certifiers!