We are part of the Erasmus+ programme! - Part 4: Benefits for our community

Are you a learner, an educator, a business person or a certifier? Read the blogpost to find out about your benefits.

Our users can’t come away empty-handed! So it’s time to tell you, what your benefits are. As you might have noticed, we asked some TYPO3 users to fill in a form to help us create some personas. The blogpost SkillDisplay - Who uses TYPO3? The way of finding your target group originated and was published on our partners blog.

With the given information we found out the needs of the community. We created stamps because we want our users to only receive content that is interesting for them. Our further blogposts and social media content will be marked with the listed stamps or fitting hashtags.

Who are you?

A learner (light green), an educator (light blue), a business person (dark green) or a certifier (dark blue)? We want to achieve the following functionalities as part of the Erasmus+ programme. If you want to get more specific information, keep taking a look on our platform, we are going to create blogposts for each stamp.

Benefits for learners

If you are a learner, the light green stamps might be interesting for you. In this section, everything is about you and your learning success with its environment.

"I want to solve a problem!"

Do you want to make a certificate or develop your own website and don’t know how to achieve your goal? Then this stamp will be very important to you in the future.

"I want a feeling of progress!”

Reach your goal step by step. - Learners want to experience progress. Abilities can be checked regularly. Where is the learner at the moment, how much has he/she already achieved and what are the next goals?

"I want to access high quality learning material!"

Who doesn’t want to learn with the best material which is available? We get the content directly from our industry partners, the certifying institutions. The learner gets an overview, by whom and how the certification is created and how many people have used the learning material. To keep the content up-to-date, it will be reviewed and updated.

"I want to display my abilities!"

Learners want to display their abilities, as evidenced by partners of our platform “SkillDisplay”. Learners can display their strengths and share their skills on social media or export them to a curriculum.

Each skill can be approved by yourself, an educator, a business person or an offical certificate.

Benefits for educators

Are you part of the light blue team? You educate the experts of tomorrow, so we want to support you! Here are the benefits you receive in using the SkillDisplay platform for your class or tutorial.

"I want to integrate external resources smoothly into my teaching style!"

Educators want to be able to integrate external resources smoothly into their teaching style. Economically relevant content and up-to-date material will raise the quality of their classes. Students should be prepared in the best way for their future.

"I want to support self-esteem by verifying abilities of my students!"

Approving the knowledge of a learner is a rewarding milestone for the student, as well for the educator. Students get motivated when coaches verify their abilities. This way, students can show what they are capable of beyond a mere grade.

"I want to gain reputation by coaching people with appropriate skills!"

Educators want to gain reputation by offering efficient training. They get the possibility to show that their students are the best and that reflects on them as teachers/trainers.

Benefits for business persons

You are a business person? Always remember the colour dark green! You might be interested as well into the certifier section. Are you an industrial representative and have a certificate? If no, there is also the possibility to create one in cooperation with us!

"I want to review / assess abilities of my workforce!"

Business persons want to assess / review the abilities of their workforce and people on the job market. By knowing the strengths of their employees, business persons are able to profit by deploying the right person to the right working position.

"I want to create my own SkillPaths out of existing skills!"

If you - a business person - want to select or even create specific skills for internal use in your company, this stamp suits best to you. It offers to completely customize the internal company skillset. Also, the ability to add non-public, internal skills is planned.

"I want to train my employees internally!"

Educate and train your employees, to keep them up-to-date. The learning progress inside the company is easily displayable.

Benefits for certifier

Last but not least, here are the benefits for our certifiers. All dark blue stamps are created for you, so you can find the right content. If you don’t know if you are a certifier or want to become one, contact the SkillDisplay team: partners@skilldisplay.eu

"I want to make my product accessible!"

Support users by showing them an overview about the resources and certificates you are offering and you can show them where they can obtain recommended learning material.

"I want to chart community knowledge!"

Visualization and statistics containing information about where a certifier’s product is used. If you want to obtain statistics about community knowledge, remember this stamp.

"I want to improve the structure and enhance quality of my certification!"

Certifiers want to ensure certification quality. They can improve the structure and enhance the quality of their certification. Certifications then become measurable and increase in reputation by perceived quality.

You have reached the end of our 4-part-Erasmus+ post.

If you want to partner with us as an educational institution, a business or a certification, feel free to write an email to partners@skilldisplay.eu! If you are a learner and not already registered yet, what are you waiting for?

Show what you can do!