What are Mainzific Mondays?

Mainzific Mondays are those days, we give you the newest information to the Mainzific Rim at University Day in Mainz.

What is it about? Mainz has to be protected, because at least one dangerous creature will attack the University Day. This difficult task can be supported by everyone. Learners between 17 and 24 can support, by providing a team of three people - they will master tasks from the TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor. While the attack, learners will get new knowledge in TYPO3 basics, at the end of the event, there is the opportunity to get the official certificate.

The SkillDisplay team is working hard for the Mainzific Rim - we want to give you some insights about the last weeks.

What happened so far?


As you might have noticed, we have a new navigation item called "Events". If you click on TYPO3 University Day 2018 you can get more information about the event.

First blog post about the Mainzific Rim at typo3.com

This blog post is about gamification and tasks, which can be done by learners, educators and business persons. Some can be done by participants of the event, some can be done in advance by everyone. You can read the blog post here.


As mentioned in the blogpost, there are some packages, you can accomplish as a learner, an educator or a business person. They are already visible at the platform, but I want to mention them shortly, anyways.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact marketing@skilldisplay.eu and office@skilldisplay.eu.

If you are a learner, you can:

  • Together with two colleagues - who are like you between 17 and 24 - you can provide a crisis-team. All costs are included, except the travel.
  • Provide information - this means that you can choose up to three skills from TCCE SkillPath. You can then for example create a blog post about them. It is necessary to create a SkillUp Button if you are done.
  • Become a Maincific Rim Fan by supporting us with 5€. You will achieve all activated stretch goals for learners. The access to them will happen through your SkillDisplay profile.

Educators can:

  • Dignify a crisis team, by approving that an already registered Team represents your educational institution.

As a business person, you can choose these packages:

(Packages for business persons, the benefit for your company and a price list is marked in dark green.)

  • "Deploy the Crisis Team" - The maybe most important business person package is, to give a crisis team the chance to participate the event.
  • With the Package "To your health" the participating teams will get beverages.
  • "Stay sharp" is all about coffee and coffee cups.
  • "Hat tip" - all teams will get baseball caps.
  • By "Nothing like a fine manual" you can help the teams getting the Wolfgang Wagner TYPO3 Video Training - in English and German
  • With the Package "Pants of holding" the teams will get army trousers.

Base frame of the story

The base frame is already finished. In the next weeks, there will be a mission preview, so you can get excited for the event. We will of course mention that in our next blog posts on Maincific Mondays.

Next steps


The story has to be elaborated, to become a fascinating story, where TYPO3 learners can learn as fast as possible the basics of the content management system TYPO3.

Logo for the Mainzific Rim

The first drafts are already designed by an external company, but they are still a secret, which will be lifted in the following weeks.

Motivating and informing learners, educators and business persons

The Mainzific Rim requires not only a story and a logo, but also participants and supporters. How you can support us, you should already know, if you have read the "packages" paragraph further up in the blog post.

We are happy, if you help us with this step, by informing interested parties like learners, educators and business people about the event and tasks. The more participants and supporters, the more exciting will be the Mainzific Rim!