SkillDisplay 2021 - The year of Business Partners

Quarter 1 - Early Adopter and Technical Brush Up

While we continue to make minor improvements (performance, animations for UI, etc.), we hold the first Webinars for early adopters.
Does your business already have the professionalization of in-house training in mind? Don't miss our Quickstart Webinar, where we introduce on how to structure and maintain your personal skill structure.
Along with the seminars we'll update the public SkillDisplay knowledge base, featuring manuals (and even meeting agendas!) for the process.
For everyone not yet involved in professional skill management wanting to start a little slower, we'll offer a first glimpse of Building Career Options and a Mentorship Program with SkillDisplay via a blog article on

Quarter 2 - Enabling the Community

April will see the release of the TYPO3 Certifier Community Program - Association members now can access SkillDisplay services for businesses for free.
Naturally this is the time for us to provide you with best practices and useful scenarios to benefit from your SkillDisplay business partnership. Starting with April we'll offer a Quickstart for Businesses Webinar, as well as SkillDisplay Certified Professional and Technician workshops for deep dives into the system.
In this period we'll also introduce suggestions for Learners on the platform, which offers learning resource providers and companies a way to present their services to Learners at the time they benefit of them the most.

Quarter 3 - Micro-Certification

Trainees have self-assessed their skills, mentors have verified their practical expertise during training and on the job, perhaps they picked up some educational verification during professional coaching.
Time for official Certification! But what is Micro-Certification? Micro-Certification means that the certification caters precisely to your needs. With the help of the SkillDisplay skill structure, you can certify exactly the skills you learned about in your recent training.
You had an external coaching on a specific topic? Choose all skills contained in the training for Certification. Later on, when you are ready after a different training, certify other skills.
Each Micro-Certification will bring you a step closer to mastering all skills available - resulting in an increasing representational award (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) for your progress.
Micro-Certification will be available for all SkillDisplay Certifications. Other partners (like TYPO3) have declared that they will present first evaluations and use cases for Micro Certification in 2021.
For our business partners not yet looking at Micro-Certification we will have a blog article release highlighting how to host a talent-day in your own agency with SkillDisplay.

Quarter 4 - In-Depth Evaluation & Statistics

In the final quarter of 2021 we'll assist business partners in measuring the performance of their companies. We will release demonstration use-cases for applying SkillDisplay native features and third-party software for in-depth skill evaluation and statistics.
Along with the release of third-party software templates (excel pivot tables, statistical open source tools, etc.) interested parties will find a blog article on how to use said templates.

Guidance and Support

No matter if training and skill management are a priority on your agenda for 2021 or if you want to get a first introduction: SkillDisplay will offer insight and examples for you in 2021.
This is also a perfect time to pick up a SkillDisplay SLA: This way you are guaranteed to receive expert advice on your companies use-case, along with the option of guaranteed priority handling of your requests.

Find out more about SkillDisplay SLAs

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