TYPO3 Certifier Community Program Launch

The SkillDisplay team is delighted to announce the launch of the TYPO3 Certifier Community Program, intensifying the partnership with the TYPO3 Association.
Over the course of this program we can offer SkillDisplay business accounts and services to all TYPO3 Association members of level silver and upwards.

You can find all details about the announcement on typo3.org: Introducing Free Skill Tracking and Verification for TYPO3 Association Members

We have created a special F.A.Q page for all partners eligible for the program: TYPO3 Certifier Community Program Launch F.A.Q

If you are engaged with TYPO3 and also would like to benefit from a free business account and a monthly free verification credit quota, make sure to claim a TYPO3 Association membership Silver or upwards: TYPO3 Association Memberships