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Improve your certification accessibility

SkillDisplay offers a clear overview of what is required to earn a certification by breaking it down into separate skills. Learners get a clear grasp on what competences are actually required, and a guideline on how to learn them and in which order.

Know what it’s about

Knowing what a certificate is about makes it easier to value it and decide to aim for certification. Knowing how to start preparation for the certification exam improves accessibility and motivation, and thus opens your certificate to a potentially larger audience.

Know what has changed

Certificates are of course not a thing for eternity. Your technology or product evolves, receives updates, adapts to new developments - and so do your certification requirements. SkillDisplay makes updates from previous versions visible by highlighting new or changed Skills. Re-Certification is suddenly even more motivating if you see the actual changes on its Skills.

Improving your own standards

The Skills required for your certificate are not created by SkillDisplay - they are created by you. SkillDisplay as a Service gives you the tools to create the Skills and their dependencies for your certificates via a graphical user interface. You can develop your certificates in a structured environment and release them to the public according to your development cycles.