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Base your lecture on expert standards

Pick your favorite set of Skills (a so called “SkillSet”) from a vault created by accredited experts.
As every single Skill features a description and goals, SkillDisplay supports you in planning and structuring your lectures.

Verify student skills

Have you ever been annoyed that your coaching results in a single grade for students, or have problems making your own certification of participation known? SkillDisplay allows you to verify the skills of learners as educational institution. This allows your students to exactly pinpoint which training they received and how this is relevant to industry standards.

Increase the renown of your institute

Skill verification for students uses your institution’s logo and as you verify the skills of your students, your renown increases. As educational partner you have the option to publish anonymous statistics for your institution, like the amount of issued verifications for certain technologies.
This way leaners, as well as industry partners will recognize your valuable work.

Benefit from tools

Need a Curriculum as handout for your students? After choosing your appropriate set of skills you can create a list of all featured skills, descriptions and goals via a single click. Statistics allow you to analyze your students track record in your own courses and anonymous statistics beyond that.
How many people you trained have proved their prowess in their following job? Did you prepare people well for official certification? Which are the skills your institution is famous for?