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Track and display your skills

You learn something every day. Whether you are reading up on specific topics, receive educational training or finetune your skills with practical work. SkillDisplay gives you the opportunity to track your progress and have your skills verified.
Since the skills are created by accredited experts, you can be assured, that all your verifications are based on an acknowledged structure.

Learning in small steps is easier

While becoming an expert in a certain field of expertise can seem like a daunting task, SkillDisplay will aid you on your journey by breaking down everything into smaller steps. Each skill is created with the idea in mind, that you can understand its basic concept (not perfect or achieve it) in a maximum of 10 minutes.

You’ll know where to go next

The underlying tree structure for the skills allows us to suggest you so called “Recommended Skills”. Those are always related to your current learning focus.

Real world skills instead of anonymous certificates and grades

Have you ever felt annoyed that you put a lot of effort in learning something and then just receive a single numeric grade or hardly known certificate of participation? SkillDisplay educational partners pick the contents for their coaching from the skills created by accredited experts. This way you can be sure, that your obtained skills are reflected properly.

Stay up to date

New technologies and methods are invented – and you’ll know how relevant your existing skills still are.
How much effort does a re-certification for a certain industry standard require? Do I have what it takes to apply for a certain job? SkillDisplay will match your existing skills against prerequisite SkillSets and you will be able to identify topics of interest easily.