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SKiLLDiSPLAY visualizes knowledge – already acquired Skills, their educators and certifiers, and available paths to master new abilities.  
Show what you can do on SKiLLDiSPLAY. Your teachers, employers or certificates verify your skills and how you acquired them. If you want to master new skills our easy to follow paths provide a guide and access to high quality learning material.

Solve problems

You want to learn to overcome a challenge, or just expand your knowledge ? SKiLLDiSPLAY helps you to define your goals and find a way to achieve them.

Experience progress

Skill by Skill you track your progress, or even get verified by an educator or your employee. Whenever you master a new Skill you can claim it as a SkillUp and move on tot he next step on your SkillPath.

Access Quality Material

SKiLLDiSPLAY closely cooperates with educators, certifiers and companies to ensure access to high quality learning material for each Skill.

Display abilities

All your verified and certified Skills are saved in your profile, along with references to the verifyers. Share your progress with others, present them to future employers. Show what you can do!