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SkillDisplay for Business Persons

Get recognized as organization using market relevant skills

Representing the skills held by employees of your company is important:

  • Customers know that your output is state of the art
  • Potential job candidates know that you offer an interesting field of work
  • Statistical tools help you keeping track of your companies skill level internally

Offer custom career paths for employees

Personal development and information on requirements for performing the next career step is important to employees. You can easily create sets of skills required for key positions in your company just by selecting them from the available choices.

  • Employees instantly receive a step-by-step path for skills to tackle based on their existing knowledge
  • Employees can track their progress towards the position
  • External coaches can mark the learning successes of participants to the relevant skills
  • Internal seniors can approve of an employees skill for a job well done
  • Official Certification for skills can be logged after an exam from the Certifier

Support the Free Open Source efforts

Endorsement of the Verein Business Angels ensures:

  • New skills on the platform on a regular base, created in cooperation with industry experts
  • New features for the platform
  • The availability of the SkillDisplay Free Open Source software for custom in-house Skill Management solutions
  • Support for learners of the public sector like schools and universities
  • The public becoming aware that you care for Learners and Open Source by featuring your companies logo