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People are engaged with your product - but you don't know it

Certifications are most interesting to users at the time they apply for a job - and they are interested in it because it is a requirement. There's a big void that you currently know nothing about between the start of a learning journey and registration for your official Certification.

  • Learners gain new competencies by self-study
  • Students obtain skills for which you are the expert during their formal education
  • Employees put skills into practice while completing a job

Improve your certification accessibility

SkillDisplay offers a clear overview of what is required to earn a certification by breaking it down into separate skills. Learners get a clear grasp on what competencies are actually required, and can relate them to their current unit of work:

  • Learners can follow custom learning paths and relate resources and coachings to official certification, motivating them to participate in certification exams
  • Educators are able to match their coachings with official skill descriptions - this suports the overall consistency of learning resources for your field of expertise
  • Companies can relate the skills of their employees to official certification - reflecting the companies knowledge level on a comparable base

Use your existing resources

SkillDisplay integrates into your current workflow and is designed to allow professional Skill Management in established structures. As skills feature a Description and Goals, but do not enforce how the skill should be coached or tested, you can:

  • Use existing official coaching material
  • Use existing exams
  • Use existing learning platforms
  • Use existing community resources
  • etc.

The skill creation process and structuring will result in a quality increase of your Certification definition, as well as improved accessibility, resulting in a bigger audience.