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Auto-Render a Curriculum Based on Expert Standards

Need a Curriculum online and as a handout for your students? After choosing your appropriate set of skills you can create a list of all featured skills, descriptions and goals via a single click. Statistics allow you to analyze your students track record in your own courses and anonymous statistics beyond that. As every single Skill features a description and goals, SkillDisplay supports you in planning and structuring your lectures.

Use Your Existing Material and Assign Relevant Skills

Change your course from "We'll do some programming and you'll get a grade for it" to "Participants of my course will be prepared in 54 % of skills needed for an various recognized certifications and you'll be able to list all of them with description and learning goals we reached". All that while keeping your existing material and exams.

Browse the available skills and assign those whose learning goals match your existing coaching material. After the learning unit, you can verify successful students skills. This way you highlight your coachings relevance in regards to European standards.

Increase the Renown of Your Institution

Skill verification for students uses your institution’s logo and as you verify the skills of your students, your renown increases. As educational partner you have the option to publish anonymous statistics for your institution, like the amount of issued verifications for certain technologies.
This way leaners, as well as industry partners will recognize your valuable work.