Make your TYPO3 camp talk SkillDisplay empowered

You are coaching important skills when holding a talk - let people know about it

What does "SkillDisplay empowered" mean?

A SkillDisplay empowered talk features its own SkillSet, listing all skills which are coached over the course of said talk. This doesn't necessarily mean that it is a full list - but it will give people a very good overview what has to be expected in regards to available skills on the public platform.

Apart from having a visual attractive summary for your talk, we'll also give you educational verification permission for the skills you cover in your talk.
For the duration of the camp you'll have the possibility to verify peoples skills with the Camps logo, as well as your name. Therefore you'll be able to increase your visibility as a supporter of your community!

The prerequisites for granting educational verification are set by yourself: From very low entry barriers like "attend my talk and use the code I show on my slides" to high prerequisites like: "fill out this exmple test along with your SkillDisplay user name".
(Granting educational-verification possibility is not mandatory by any means - your attendees will be happy for a chance to obtain it though)

Is my camp supported?

Check our our educational partners page. If your camp is listed there, we offer SkillDisplay talk empowerment. If your favorite camp is not yet a partner, have them contact us at!

Request talk empowerment

Please browse the SkillSets and use the skills names or link, one skill per line
Send us one or more URIs along with a short description for the Resources