You self-verified your basic understanding of SkillDisplay

You learned about the 5 most basic elements of SkillDisplay and self-verified them.
That means you proclaim, that you possess these skills. It's just like writing it in a resume for an application.

How do I verify all my other skills now?

All of our Skills and SkillPaths are not created by ourselves, but over the course of workshops. These are held together with the corresponding industry experts - so you can be sure that all of our skills are sanctioned by the people who know best.

At the moment we are in the preview phase and establishing a strong use case with our partners and a delicate selection of skills. Therefore the only brand available on the platform at this time are skills based on the Content Management System TYPO3. (You can find them on the SkillPaths page)

However - in order to focus our efforts for partnerships in the right direction we are very interested on which Skills YOU would like to see on the platform. Please be so kind to leave us a short feedback before you continue to read:

Which skills would you like to see on the platform?

Your Reward

If you self-verified the 5 skills presented in the tutorial correctly, you should now see a red dot with a number besides the "Rewards" entry in the sidebar.
(Can't see it? Recheck if you self-verified all skills in the Understanding SkillDisplay Basics SkillPath)

When you click on the link you'll find the entry for "SkillDisplay Basics Tutorial". It links you to a so called SkillCharta - which is basically a printable verification of your skills on the platform. With this charta you are eligible to upgrade your User Account to "Level II - Novice".

    Why would I want to increase my user level?

    We are glad that you found the way to our platform and that you are interested in SkillDisplay. With your registration you are free to verify/certify skills on the platform - however serious business begins with reaching User Level II - Novice.
    This user level requires that you know the SkillDisplay basics, as well as confirming your identity.

    This is important - as we are making offers from which you can benefit, as well as hosting events to which you can get invited. In order to do so - we need to know that you are a real person.
    (Keep in mind that this does NOT mean that we will share this data with others - check our Data protection declaration. In a nutshell: Yes, we'll use anonymized data all day long (e.g.: how many people have this skill), No, we'll never share data if we are not legally obliged to or you have given your consent)

    The next live events where the SkillDisplay team will be present for upgrading your account free of charge at our booth are:

    In the future we'll provide easier means for you to upgrade - most probably even online.

    What's next?

    Did you already work with TYPO3 or do you even have a certificate?
    Check out our TYPO3 landing page for the next steps.

    You don't know what this TYPO3 stuff is about but now that we mentioned it a gazillion times you want to know about it?
    Start with the TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor 8 LTS SkillPath.

    You are an educator and want to use SkillDisplay for your trainings?
    You are a business person and want to use SkillDisplay for your internal skill management?
    You are a certifier and want to have your certification represented on the platform?

    Contact us at to schedule a call or online chat.