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The TYPO3 editor/integrator knows about the properties and how these can affect the page in different ways. Besides the general options such as page types and title information, the editor is aware that the appearance can be changed by the given options and affect the page layout in the frontend, caching, SEO specific and social media related possibilities.


I know and can use the following page settings:

  • Tab General: Page, Title
  • Tab SEO: General SEO Settings, Robot instructions, Open Graph, Twitter Cards
  • Tab Meta Data: Abstract, Meta Tags
  • Appearance: Page Layout
  • Behavior: Caching, Miscellaneous
  • Resources: Files
  • Language
  • Access: Visibility, Publish Dates and Access Rights
  • Categories and Notes

I am aware of 

  • the implications of changing the URL segment (slug) field inside the page properties and the consequences for redirects
  • the possibility to affect the visibility for search engines/robots 

I know that I can add page specific information like title, description, and media for social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook.


Tom Novotny TYPO3 Education Committee