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Identify and support potentials - with SkillDisplay

Searching for qualified staff is often a long and time-consuming process:
Create advertisements and qualification profiles, wait for responses, dig through a lot of applications and according vitaes in hope for identifying fitting applicants.

SkillDisplay lessens the load of this process. Imagine you could check out a pool of qualified candidates setup for you right after defining your requirements.
Moreover - imagine you don't have to rely on their vitaes only, but you can also immedately see who else acknowledged their Skills.

Reach out for them with a click (or define that only qualified users may approach you on a certain job).
Send assignments to the most qualified candidates to check their Skills yourself and imagine these persons contacted by you will be happy to take part in this assignement - as the worst case for them is getting acknowledgement for their proven Skill by your company! 

Interns, temporary members of your team and also existing long time members will be delighted to have their Skills certified by you to present what they already achieved in the industry.

Want to get to know future employees even sooner? We will connect you with our education partners.
You could host a voluntary workshop at an education facility and present challenges of your everyday work to have participants present their opinion on a solution, or just check some theoretical knowledge which is important from your point of view.
The certification that these challenges have been fullfilled are presented on SkillDisplay afterwards and certified by you - of course with the logo of your agency featured prominently!
Enhance your network to education partners and get to know possible employees of tomorrow.

SkillDisplay for internal coaching and knowledge management

SkillDisplay can do even more for you: you can use the plaform as base for internal coachings and knowledge management. You set the curriculum and resources, we team up with your experts for optimal packaging and separation, define requirements and search for connections to existing and certified SkillPackages already present on the platform.

Don't worry - your methods and internas remain secure of course. The according SkillPackages (Learning paths) and certifications are only visible within your agency if you want them to.
(if you want to go big - we'll setup a whole SkillDisplay platform instance up for you to use internally, fully under your technical and administrative control)

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