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Industry representatives/professionals

Industry representatives/professionals

Make your product approachable

Organizations that develop products or services usually rely on users who know how to use those tools in a meaningful way; this as true in the fields of information technology and telecommunications, as it is in the financial sector or in virtually any service-driven business.

SkillDisplay as a platform – both hosting and co-developing SkillPackages on your offerings – provides educators, trainers or individual users with a powerful set of tools to teach (or learn!) skills on your technology as needed. The way SkillPackages are structured also makes sure users can easily follow along with the curriculum and fulfill all required prerequisites to eventually use the skills to the best of their abilities.

In fact, your organization is a major stakeholder when it comes to actually creating the individual SkillPackages, choosing the curriculum it is based on and providing actual learning material.

You are in the driving seat, while expert educators support you in steering clear of didactical potholes and aid you in navigating to your eventual goal: getting users to encounter and choose your products and services early on in the learning process.

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