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Members of the education sector

Members of the education sector

Benefits to educators - less preparation, more industry relation

Being an educator is a tough job – having to deal with a large number of individuals with varying degrees of prior knowledge and motivation on a daily basis is hard enough as it is. Yet, you also have to prepare and constantly update the contents and learning materials for your lessons, courses or workshops and are supposed to keep up with changes and new developments in your field on top of that. Using SkillDisplay will take some of that load off your shoulders.

Primarily, you can choose from a pool of SkillPackages on various topics, created with the actual entities behind them, for use in class. Using SkillDisplay is free in its basic form – you can use as many SkillPackages as you want as a central theme to build your class or workshop on. Your students can then self-certify their accomplishment of individual skills during each of your lessons, eventually arriving at your preferred destination for the class. Learners can also certify skills by completing industry certificates or skills they acquired during an internship or on the job.

The benefits for educators are easy: you have to spend less time preparing your class and keeping materials and your in-depth knowledge on each aspect of the topic up to date – SkillPackages are being updated regularly and the learning materials are up-to-date as well. You can thus focus more on didactical methods and spend more time looking into topics that are most relevant to you and your students. You are also able to get in touch with industry experts and leaders in the field of education to further improve your skills and methods by using SkillDisplay in class.

Benefits to educational institutions - Certifying skills and creating own SkillPackages

In the premium version of SkillDisplay, it’s also possible to certify skills as an educator/institution, to create your own syllabus by using and combining existing skills from various SkillPackages and to brand SkillPackages with the name and logo of your institution. We are currently in the process of further simplifying skill and user administration for educators, so that certifying skills becomes even faster and easier.

An additional benefit of a premium membership for educational institutions is the opportunity to acquire access to related industry certifications in bulk at a discount through our platform and receive support in preparing your members for successfully completing them.

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