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SkillDisplay for Certifiers

Create a Micro-Certification Environment

Classic Certification Is Demotivating

Certifications are often monoliths and have limited validity. If learners finally try to obtain the Certification, they can be subject to an extremely disappointing experience: The cut score. Had 74 % of questions correct? So sad - the cut score was 75% and for their very expensive attempt at Certification they get nothing.

Advantages of Micro-Certification

SkillDisplay is the ideal base for Micro-Certification. There are question banks for each single skill. Users choose a set of Skills for a Certification attempt and receive Certification for exactly the Skills they passed at this custom exam.

SkillDisplay is flexible and lets you use any testing system of your choice. (Digital or even Pen & Paper exams). Users can can show Certified Skills in their profile and receive awards when passing certain thresholds. You can also offer a digital Certificate for download, which can be verified via QR code.

Get Anonymized Statistics

Learners gain new competencies by self-study. Students obtain skills for which you are the expert during their formal education.  Employees put skills into practice while completing a job. We will provide you with quarterly anonymized report for all these scenarios, to help you understand where - and how - your Skills are put to use.

Generate Income by Providing Skills

If you create Skills for your specific field of expertise and offer them as Open Data to the SkillDisplay community, we will reward you for your work. Businesses are able to use the Skills you provide to track in-house expertise. Whenever they do - you get rewarded.

Each time a company verifies a Skill that you created, you receive 5 cents. Doesn't sound like much? Imagine you provide 10 skills, which get used for verifying in-house experience in companies for 10.000 users.
That's € 5.000,- für providing a definition for 10 skills for which you are the expert.