The HTLW3R is a higher educational facility located in Vienna, Austria. The use of the public SkillDisplay platform was introduced while teaching the basics of Content Management Systems.

Teachers coaching the students were able to:

  • Base their lessons on current industry standards simply by picking from skills available on the platform matching their curriculum
  • Identify prerequisites for coaching skills by the available dependencies
  • Create SkillSets in order to group their teaching in topics
  • Grant Educational verification for skills relevant to the industry with the school’s logo
  • Automatically render a Skill list (which is equivalent to “competences”) as PDF for distribution among the students and school internal reference

Students were able to:

  • get an overview of the course content easily (online and via generated PDF)
  • track their learning progress with the help of Self Verification
  • identify their next relevant learning goal at all times, via the help of “recommended skills”
  • obtain recognition from the industry at live events with partner companies of SkillDisplay, receiving Business verification for their skills over the course of the process
  • compare their rate of progress with requirements for official certification for one of the biggest Open Source Enterprise Content Management Systems
  • and more…

If you’d like to know more about using these features in your own educational facility or want to have it supported by the SkillDisplay patron program in cooperation with companies in your area: