TYPO3 CMS is an Open Source Enterprise Content Management System with a large global community, backed by the approximately 900 members of the TYPO3 Association. SkillDisplay teamed up with the TYPO3 Education Committee, which is responsible for official Certification, as well as supporting the community in learning matters.

Starting with an already existing Syllabus (collection of topics and keywords) for the TYPO3 Version 7 certification, the Education Committee restructured their Certification Exam creation process according to the SkillDisplay methodology. With the help of this process, over 100 skills were identified for 3 different certifications.

This results in the following improvements for the certification process:

  • Better quality control for certification topics
  • Identification of duplication/overlapping in the curriculum
  • Removal of “miscellaneous” topics and assignment to correct domain tags
  • Re-balanced question pool based on skills
  • Improved feedback options for the Education Committee for certification attempts
  • Non-question compromising feedback of success-percentages via domain tags
  • Improved self-assessment options for Learners (Self verification vs Certification)
  • Extended analyzation options due to the 3 levels of verification available prior to certification.

Examples include:

  • Which people are currently interested in our technology? (Self verification)
  • Where are skills which are relevant for TYPO3 coached? (Educational verification)
  • Which skills are relevant for companies? (Business verification)

The community was able to benefit by creating the following scenarios based on the skill structure (ensuring all their efforts are in line with official certification content):

  • Creation of a TYPO3 gamification adventure (“Dinosaurs attack”)
  • Introduction of a TYPO3 Educator Box for starting to teach the CMS at educational institutions
  • Creation of additional skills by TYPO3 extension authors to support their users
  • Support of user gatherings like Camps/Barcamps, letting speakers verify skills for their listeners
  • and more…