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SkillDisplay for Training Providers

Understand Current Learning Trends in the Marketplace and Minimize the Time for Curriculum Development

Join a Worldwide Network of Educators

When offering training you want to make sure you rely on state of the art competency definitions. SkillDisplay works with subject matter experts and certifiers to provide these definitions to you. Cherry-pick your skills and create the curricula for your courses with a couple of clicks, while staying perfectly in line with official certification of acknowledged brands, all while increasing your industry influence and brand exposure.

Honed by international cooperation with businesses, educators and certification market authorities during an Erasmus+ programme of the European UnionSkillDisplay brings the methodology - as well as the tools - to foster cooperation between experts for mutual benefit.

Interactive Curricula for Your Audience

SkillDisplay gives you the tools for creating a skill management hub for your training offers in shortest time, while integrating into your existing infrastructure. Provide a full digital course portfolio, by tagging existing courses and learning resources with skills. Your audience can then easily spot their progress towards personal goals (like a job description or a certification) and even automatically benefits from personalized learning suggestions from among your offers.

Verify the skills of participants with your companies logo to increase brand awareness, award badges and benefit from statistics, while increasing the motivation of participants by presenting the next easy-to-reach goal on their learning journey.

Regardless if you are using a LMS (Learning Management System) or working with paper course copies and exams - you can connect your existing system and improve it with the provided skill management tools.

Create Skills for Your Field of Expertise

Are you working in a field where special expertise is required? No problem - SkillDisplay provides a Visual Skill Editor for creating and maintaining a custom skill structure. Build on existing base skills or start from scratch - SkillDisplay provides you with the tools and methodology to build and maintain a skill structure for your courses.

If you are the first to build skills for a field not yet represented on SkillDisplay, you opt-in to become a skill provider to generate revenue when your skills are used.

Solutions for Your Trainings

Do you have further questions about your own use case? SkillDisplay does not only provide the platform, but also the methodology and training for helping you to update and maintain your training center competency portfolio and curricula.

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