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Train the workforce of tomorrow

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Many small achievements, large leaps in skill

SkillDisplay’s Micro-Certification platform is built for step-by-step development. Structured curriculums help learners methodically grow their skills, confidence, and hiring potential—and receive the digital credentials to prove it.

  • Help individuals chart a plan for growth, one small step (or pre-requisite) at a time.
  • Highlight certifications, completed training, and progression with digital award badges and a public learner profile.
  • Boost job-seeker profiles with micro-credentials in relevant fields.
  • Help individuals take initiative and understand what skills they should prioritize for development.

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Unleash people’s potential

Employees today seek unbounded opportunities to develop new skill sets and grow their knowledge base. Motivate and empower your staff with SkillDisplay’s easy-to-use platform for high-quality learning and certification.

  • Give employees more opportunities to develop, learn, and expand their skills through tailored curriculums.
  • Enable individuals to learn independently, chart personalized career paths, and track progress towards qualifications.
  • Motivate staff by recognizing their competency-based achievements.
  • Emphasize learning paths in place of scores
  • Give employees an opportunity to evaluate their skills through self-assessments or formal evaluations

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Set clear expectations and see qualified applicants rise to the challenge

Unsure of whether to ask for ‘proficient’ or ‘advanced’ expertise in a specialized skill? SkillDisplay helps organizations evaluate skill levels, write clearer job descriptions, and determine which competencies will help them succeed.

  • Choose the right evaluation tool for you: verify employee skills and enable self-assessments while leaning on expert-defined competency levels.
  • Match applicants’ skills against job offers, projects, and specific employer needs.
  • Create job posts with clearly described skill requirements.
  • Map out and visualize your company-wide knowledge base to close skill gaps and highlight competencies. 

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Translate training into results

A poorly thought-out course wastes employees’ time and business capital. Set up learning paths on SkillDisplay using standardized skill trees, and nurture your talent with mutually beneficial, on-the-job learning. 

  • Standardize employee development by leveraging existing resources, progressively advanced skill trees, and ready-to-use definitions, created by experts.
  • Set internal learning and training goals, then evaluate how your company performs as a whole.
  • Prepare your workforce for future business trends by matching team member skills with customer needs.
  • Reward concrete experience and skills over pedigree and boost inclusivity and diversity. 

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Stay a step ahead of the market

The skills training market can be hard to break through as a latecomer. Broaden your business with training pivotal to tomorrow’s workplace, then go to market quickly with SkillDisplay’s easy curriculum development tools.

  • Identify trends in education and define new professional standards to equip the workforce with in-demand skills.
  • Market your skill training courses and target new learners based on their current skill levels and areas for growth.
  • Integrate with other learning management systems (LMS) for easy content delivery.
  • Develop a curriculum quickly with a simple, thorough certification process composed of easy-to-build Skills and SkillSets.

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