SkillDisplay is a skill management platform, supporting the creation and usage of directed a-cyclic graphs for skills and learning paths to traverse them - so called SkillPaths. A SkillPath covers requirements for existing certifications of a certain area of knowledge.

SkillDisplays unique feature: single areas of knowledge - so called Skills - can be verified by different people: by yourself, by educational institutes, an official certification exam or by an employer.

Welcome to the preview phase

We are currently preparing for Open Beta and are working hard to improve the website, as well as implementing new features.
We don't want to shut out interested users during this process though - find out more in our news entry about the upcoming phases.

Preview phase status

2018-05-08: TCCD SkillPath is available
2018-04-06: TCCI SkillPath is available
2018-04-04: TCCI SkillPath release is in progress - please consider that SkillPath availability can vary at this point in time 
2018-03-21: The site is currently being restructured in regard to styles and structure
2018-03-01: TYPO3 Certified Editor has been updated to 8 LTS and is back online
2018-02-23: TYPO3 Certified Editor SkillPath is taken down for maintenance (upgrade LTS 7 to LTS 8)
2018-01-29: SkillPaths are back online
2018-01-25: SkillPaths are currently down for maintenance - they'll be available again soon.


Max Seifert, graduate of the HTL Rennweg 3 Vienna

Max Seifert
HTL3 Rennweg

Ferdinand Kasper - HTL3R Vienna

Ferdinand Kasper
HTL3 Rennweg

Jochen Weiland Owner

Jochen Weiland

Anja Leichsenring - TYPO3 GmbH

Anja Leichsenring
Technical Consultant