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On SkillDisplay Learners, Educators, Businesses and Certifiers collaborate for mutual benefit on the base of a common language - skill definitions.

Many small achievements, large leaps in skill

Individuals striving to confirm and improve their skills

SkillDisplay helps you develop your skills step by step, with structured curricula based on skill trees. Receive digital credentials to document your progress.

  • Track your learning progress with one click and request verifications from your trainers and employers for proven competencies.
  • Get badges and awards for the skills you've acquired and show them on your profile - online and as a PDF for your CV.
  • Match your skills against industry certifications for exam preparation and your career paths.
  • Personalized learning suggestions based on the skills you have already learned help you to set your learning goals.

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Increase Your Training Impact by Defining and Verifying Skills

Schools, Universities, Trainers and Training Centers

SkillDisplay helps training providers understand current learning and development trends in the market and minimize the time spent on curriculum development. Benefit from the use of existing and market-relevant competency definitions or be the first to define a professional curriculum to expand your industry influence and brand exposure.

Quickly and easily created, your interactive curriculum on SkillDisplay offers the advantages of the digital world (such as automatic learning suggestions, digital badges, downloadable certificates and more) and is in line with existing training methods and platforms in your company - from handwritten tests to modern learning platforms .

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Optimize Your Workforce and Business Agility

Employers on the open market

SkillDisplay helps you identify employee strengths and training needs to achieve your business goals effectively. Start reskilling and upskilling your teams by outlining business needs.

Choose from a vault of ready-to-use skill definitions created by certifiers and subject matter experts or create your own. SkillDisplay will help to design personalized learning paths for the employees and reward their competencies with digital credentials.

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Claim Your Position on the Emerging Micro-Certification Market

Certification Authorities and Subject Matter Experts

SkillDisplay helps Certifiers to build and maintain a competency structure for certification curricula. It supports the introduction of additional benefits like digital badges, automatic learning suggestions and statistics to established workflows and aids certifiers in offering their audience a possibility to reflect work experience and training in line with their certification.

SkillDisplay supports Certifiers technically and methodically at transitioning to a Certification as a Service structure - stabilizing revenue streams and reaching new target groups.

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