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SkillDisplay for Certifiers

Establish a Learning and Certification Hub While Stabilizing and Unlocking Revenue Streams

Offer Your Skill Definitions in a Worldwide Network

Employers define job requirements, maintain employee retention programs and build teams for tasks. Educators coach market relevant skills on the open market and in educational facilities. Learners track their portfolio and apply for jobs.

For all these tasks those stakeholders need to rely on a common ground of strong skill definitions - they need you.

Honed by international cooperation with businesses, educators and certification market authorities during an Erasmus+ programme of the European UnionSkillDisplay brings the methodology - as well as the tools - to foster cooperation between experts for mutual benefit.

Generate Revenue by Offering Skill Definitions

SkillDisplay assists you in monetizing your skill definitions. Especially Businesses and Educators can save time and effort when relying on a solid foundation of high quality skill definitions. SkillDisplay assists you in offering your portfolio in such scenarios,

When other stakeholders use your skill definitions on SkillDisplay, you receive a share of dedicated revenue pools, filled by platform sales for organization account subscriptions, posted job offers and advertisements.

Make It Easy to Work with Your Product

SkillDisplay does not only offer the platform, but also the methodology for creating and maintaining certification curricula. We support you with year long experience in cooperation with certification market authorities, including a 3-year Erasmus+ EU project.

In our workshops we assist your experts in creating skill definitions and forming a skill tree via dependencies. If you prefer to explore the possibilities on your own, you have access to our free resources and community servers.

Once published on the platform businesseseducators and learners will be able to cherry pick the necessary skills for their personal use case. This way you assist your community and instantly unlock a multitude of beneficial scenarios like: personalized learning pathscoaching in line with your certification, anonymous usage statistics to identify target markets and more.

Reach a Bigger Audience with Micro Certification

Classic Certification is a huge commitment in terms of time and money, and therefore excludes target groups in your audience. 

Micro-Certification adresses those problems and offers a fresh and modern approach as complimentary product or replacement to classic certification. Businesses and end users can identify the topics they really need and gradually build their certification portfolio. SkillDisplay users can subscribe to the certification hub with a monthly fee and are then able to certifiy on a skill-by-skill basis.

This way users can certify exactly the skills they are currently concerning themselves with - for example after a coaching or when preparing for a job application. Micro-Certification allows you to bring certification closer to your audience and lower entry barriers while increasing customer retention.

Solutions for Your Certifications

Do you have further questions about your own use case? SkillDisplay does not only provide the platform, but also the methodology and training for helping you to create, update and maintain your certification portfolio and curricula.

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