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Pricing for Certifiers

For Established Authorities and Newcomers

Skill Provider

Organizations and experts looking to build and maintain a competency structure for training or certification purposes. This includes companies who already offer professional certification, as well as individuals with strong expertise in their respective field of work.

Skill providers collaborate with SkillDisplay for mutual benefit, donating their time and labor to create skills. In return, they receive monthly rewards from the skill provider pool when their skill definitions are used.


Organizations that are - or aspire to be - an established certification authority in the market. They use the SkillDisplay platform and associated premium services to ensure the highest quality standards for their curricula and certifications.


  Skill Provider Certifier
Monthly Subscription FREE € 1250,-
Visual Skill Editor ✔️ ✔️
SkillDisplay Knowledge Base Access ✔️ ✔️
Certifier Community Support Channel Access ✔️ ✔️
Offer Micro-Certification Waiting list available ✔️
Extended Reports and Statistics ✔️
Priority Technical Support availability ✔️
Priority Coaching Support availability ✔️
Dedicated Staging Environment ✔️
requires Extended SLA
Rewards Pool Eligibility Basic Premium

Service Level Agreements

With a SLA you have access to priority support, guaranteed response times, a dedicated account manager and more.

  Monthly Subscription
Basic € 500,-
Extended € 1000,-
Premium € 3000,-

Solutions for Your Certifications

Do you have further questions about your own use case? SkillDisplay does not only provide the platform, but also the methodology and training for helping you to create, update and maintain your certification portfolio and curricula.

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