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SkillDisplay for Employers

Identify Employee Strengths and Training Needs

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Harness the Power of a Worldwide Network

Defining job requirements, maintaining employee retention programs, building teams for a task - those challenges require a rock solid foundation of skill definitions. SkillDisplay is the number one tool for businesses looking to professionalize their skill management.

Honed by international cooperation with businesses, educators and certification market authorities during an Erasmus+ programme of the European UnionSkillDisplay brings the methodology - as well as the tools - to foster cooperation between experts for mutual benefit.

Expert Defined Skills À La Carte

SkillDisplay cooperates with Certifiers and acknowledged Subject Matter Experts to create ready-to-use skill definitions forming skill trees, ready to use for your scenarios.

Interactive Job Offers

Choose from the available vault of skill definitions and instantly create a dedicated page for applicants where they can tick off which required skills they possess. Use the statistics module to compare all applicants skills quickly and easily. Enhance your job offer on job networks and opt-in to have your job automatically suggested to users possessing a fitting set of competencies on SkillDisplay.

True Personalized Learning Paths

SkillDisplay automatically creates personalized learning paths for your employees, connecting to any existing form of digital or real world training resources. Just tag your learning resources with the appropriate skills and define internal job positions by choosing from the available skills or adding your own. SkillDisplay will automatically suggest learning resources matching the employees current skill level for their position of interest.

Solutions for Your Business

SkillDisplay supports businesses of all sizes. Start instantly with a small scenario and grow over time, or talk with us about methodology and training to establish and maintain an enterprise quality skill management process.

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