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Pricing for Employers

Tailored for your organization

Organization Accounts

SkillDisplay offers pre-defined packages for the most common use-cases for organizations of all sizes.

  Monthly Subscription
Small Business € 90,-
Business € 250,-
Corporate € 600,-
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Service Level Agreements

With a SLA you have access to priority support, guaranteed response times, a dedicated account manager and more.

  Monthly Subscription
Basic € 500,-
Extended € 1000,-
Premium € 3000,-

Kickstarter Workshop

The Kickstarter Workshop is the ideal starting point for a use-case based evaluation of the SkillDisplay platform. It is designed to let a small number of representatives from your company create a Minimum Viable Product over the course of a one-day workshop guided by a SkillDisplay Certified Expert.

Kickstarter Workshop € 2960,-

Solutions for Your Business

SkillDisplay supports businesses of all sizes. Start instantly with a small scenario and grow over time, or talk with us about methodology and training to establish and maintain an enterprise quality skill management process.

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