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How to Reduce Time-to-Market for Your Training Programs

Quickly create new curricula that conform to industry standards


In this use case we represent a training center that has regular clients from medium sized to large companies. Basic security when using the internet is a topic that concerns almost all of our customers and many of our clients have reported that they registered an increase in E-Mail phishing attacks. Therefore there's a demand for a training communicating basic security measures when using the internet, with a closer look at phishing attacks. We want to create a curriculum for our new course time-efficiently, while considering relevant compency standards on the market.

Create Quality Curricula Quickly

We create a list of topics that we want to include in the half-day course:

  • Applying security best practices when working online
  • Using secure passwords
  • Awareness of possible threats when connecting to public wireless networks
  • E-mail phishing attacks

Certification partners and experts from the open market provide ready-to-use skill definitions on SkillDisplay. While we may not want to coach everything that is required for such a certification, we can cherry-pick skill definitions by using the search.

Clicking on a search results shows the skill definition with a description and learning goals. We continue to pick skills that we'd like to feature in our course curriculum and bundle them to a set. (a so called "SkillSet").
As we cannot find an existing skill for "E-Mail Phishing" that is to our liking, we use the option to create organization internal custom skills.

Distribute or Connect to a Platform of your Choice

Our training curriculum is ready as new SkillSet and is immediately available as digital online version, PDF download and over API. This means we can connect our training curriculum to existing platforms in our company.
While we saved a lot of time using pre-defined skill definitions, customers can immedately benefit from:

  • A ready-to-use digital representation of the course curriculum on SkillDisplay
  • A printable version of the course curriculum as PDF with customizable header/footer for distribution
  • An API connector that allows integration in other learning platforms and systems

Promote the Value of Your Training

But there is more. As we picked skill definitions from Certifiers on the open market our trainees can immedately spot how their current training contributes towards a potential official certification on the open market.
We've therefore increased the perceived worth of our training, while saving time when creating the curriculum.

No matter if you want to enhance existing trainings or launch new courses - the SkillDisplay platform supports key processes, while seemlessly integrating with existing platforms and coaching methods you have in use.