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Identify Employee Strengths and Training Needs to Achieve Your Business Goals Effectively

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How to create a pro-active upskilling environment to meet the demands of new business challenges

A business has identified new market opportunities - but can the organization rise up to the challenge and enable their staff? Explore the scenario of the Sunrise Breakfast Hut, a Bed & Breakfast that introduces a new range of offers and develops a strategy to meet new skill requirements in their workforce.

Explore the scenario about a pro-active upskilling environment
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How to Announce and Monitor Mandatory Employee Training

Participation in training and confirmation of independent learning successes is an integral part of companies in all industries. Wether to ensure ongoing operations or to provide evidence of compulsory training in essential areas. In this scenario, we look at the topic of compliance in a company, how we can ensure, that employees know which training courses need to be completed in their position and how the training status can be evaluated for the whole organization.

Explore the scenario about mandatory employee training
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Why providing personalized training opportunities is crucial for employee retention and satisfaction

Coming in August 2022

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Do you have further questions about your own business use case? SkillDisplay does not only provide the platform, but also the methodology and training to establish a maintainable quality skill management process.